Strong and thick hair it is more easy as you think

There is no secret that the beautiful, dense and long hair is the most desirable women's accessory. It is more beautiful than diamonds, the white gold chains, spectacular rings or clothes. Woman with sleek hair is a beauty. Unfortunately, in most cases you have to put a lot of effort to have it beautiful and healthy.

While looking at shampoo bottles you probably noticed that their content is sodium sulfate. We are sure that you have heard about its adverse effects, but believe me: it is not the worst part of the measure.

No less harmful and various are silicones. They cover the hair and scalp invisibly, so it makes a barrier for skin cells to breath, does not give access to valuable materials. Manufacturers say that the silicones protects the hair from harmful environmental effects. Maybe it's true, but only in part - after all, in such a case, probably none of the women would complain about crumbling and split ends hair. The worst feature of silicones is that the hair gets used to them. If you stop to use them, the hair is losing appearance.

How to recognize silicones?

When you read the labels of shampoos and conditioners, pay attention to the ingredients limbs: -ane, -one, -thiconol, -silane.

Example: Dimethylpolysiloxane, dimethicone, dimethiconol, phenyldimethylpolysioxane, phenyldimethicone, cyclomethicone, amodimethicone aminopolysiloxane and so on. So do not buy random hair products – choose professional hair care products, which contains good quality ingredients.


If you want long hair, you will have something to do with hair loss. Women often grabs the first occurring shampoo bottle withour reading the content. Professional hair care products are really important if you have mission to have long and healthy hair. Good products are not necessary very expensive. It is really possible to find something with good quality and price, especially if you buy hair products online.
Without professional hair care products, it is good to use some domestic advices and products. If you are losing your hair and do not want to cut them, try onion. Take a couple of big onion, ground in a meat grinder, press the juice and rub it into the hair root. Put the shower hat on the head, wrap it with a towel and leave like this for two or three hours. After the procedure wash hair with shampoo, dry without fan. After three procedures you should notice that hair loss has stopped.

When you desire healthy hair it is important what Professional hair care products you use, also – what do you eat.

Drink flaxseed oil daily. It contains omega 3 acids, which are necessary for cells. Our bodies do not produce these acids. Every morning for the whole month take a tablespoon of oil and you will see how hair and skin condition is changing to a better way.
Once in a week do not forget to use the mask.

It can be homemade hair mask or selected from Professional hair care products.

These are simpler to use and they are more effective.