The most popular ways of hair coloring in the autumn-winter 2015-2016 are: Obmbre,Shatush, Balayage

In the fashion industry and cosmetology in the autumn-winter 2015-2016 everything the

most natural is preferred. This trend has not bypassed hair coloring. It’s part of the

past when bright, saturated, "flat" colours for hair was considered as an ideal, and

regrown roots of a different shade regarded as something unacceptable. In the autumn-
winter 2015-2016, the situation is quite different. Natural or very close to the natural

colour and hair toning - are the main trends of the new season.

Hair colour Ombre -

the most fashionable and popular colouring for today, when the ends of the

hair lightened as much as possible, and the roots remain untouched, or painted in a

darker color. The transition from light to dark in this type of colouring should be

smoothed as much as possible and move seamlessly from one hue to another. It requires

a lot of dexterity, skills and of course professional hair products. Hollywood stars often

choose this style because it suits any color, type and length of hair.

Hair colour Shatush -

combines highlighted strands and Ombre. If Ombre clarified all the ends,

shatush highlights the ends and the middle of the hair, gradually turning in the root

colour, which is usually a few shades darker. Shatush is exclusively salon treatment,

where just professional hair products are used, and self-colouring does not lead to the

desired effect.

Hair colour Balayage -

most fashionable colouring of autumn-winter 2015-2016

Balayage is a way of hair coloring where several shades of one color alternated. It's can

be done either with light or dark tones.

If lighter shades chosen then strands lightens and tones from light to golden sand


On the other hand if dark shades are chosen hair is dyed by strands in a close dark tone

colours from red to chocolate.

Whatever type of hair colour you would choose, you need to take care of your hair with

the help of professional hair care products.