Each of us has unique face. If you want to look great you should find the hairstyle suitable

for your face type and shape of the head. Ideally your hairstyle must emphasize the dignity

of the face shape. All you need if your face is not oval is to create a proper frame around

your face in order to bring look to the overall shape.

Let's identify which type of a face you have.

It will make easier your communication with hairdresser or stylist.

So what shape your face may have THAT FIT HAIRSTYLE?


Oval face shape

This shape is called ideal. You have an oval face if it has curvilinear shape, length is

equal to one and a half times width, a forehead and jaw have the same width. There are

a lot of compatible hairstyles for oval face. You can choose from short, medium or

longhair hairstyles. The perfect match is shoulder­length styles, for example grazing bob

with side­swept bangs. This will add softness to your look.

Round face shape

The face is circular shaped when its length is approximately equal to width. What 

hairstyles suitable for round face? In this case asymmetrical hairstyles would work fine.

You need a cut with a mix of length. If you have a long hair you may try a sleek ponytail 

secured at the height of your ears. If you have medium length try angled bob with clear

geometrical shape. It is easy to style bob ­ just use professional cosmetic products like

strengthening and brightening serum Revigloss. Apply it before drying and it will protect

your hair, make it glossy and well managed.

Square face shape

This type of face has strong and broad forehead and angular jaw. A soft, tapered bob will

work fine on a square face. If you have long hair, try waves from the ears down. They will

add softness in the jawline. We recommend using Reviglaze for perfect waves. Just

apply it before drying. If you don’t like waves try really straight and long style. It will soften

square angles of this face type.

Heart face shape

Such face is wide at the forehead and cheekbones and has narrow jawline.

For a heart­shaped face it is important to fill in the area around the chin and

de­emphasizes the triangle. Just add side­swept bangs to your long hart style.

For short hair try a pixie with soft side­swept bangs that softens any hard features.

Triangular face shape

You have triangular face shape if forehead and cheekbones are narrow and jawline is

wide. It is quiet rare shape but it exists. Bob with tousled texture is perfect choice for

medium length hair.

The wavy layers make a very glamorous impact. They are a good choice for long hair. You

can add the side ponytail. It is very thick and voluminous. For the short hair style will be a

god choice asymmetric bob with bangs.

BTW, at the back of woman's mind they know which hairstyle suites them more.