Hair styling trends 2015 and forecast

Hair care and and hair styling on 2015 what we should care


Are you tired of the monotonous styling?

Do you want to diversify your daily image or shine like a star at your next party?

Be inspired by the latest hairstyle trends and try one!

Stylists and hairdressers call medium length and bob hairstyles the cut of the season. It is not a surprise for fashion lovers. Every woman has tried a short or long bob at least once in her life. Medium hair styles

Medium hairstyles have been on the catwalks and in the pages of glossy magazines for several seasons and it seems they are not going to leave them.

  Moreover lots of stars and media persons are still devoted to them. These haircuts became classics because of their practicality, low-maintenance and casual fit.   Having that cut you do not have to use salon services every day. To create a big look for every day you just need to apply styling mousse to damp hair, dry them hairdryer and give a shape to your hair using gel or modeling wax. Use professional hair products for great result!  Today there are a lot of options to choose from. If you are not sure just ask your stylist to recommend one.

Cuts on short hair are still popular too.

cuts on short hair

It is not true that you will have to have only one possible look every day with that cut.  If you want to give a fresh look to you short haircut fell free to use a variety of accessories - hoops, wreaths of flowers or even natural flowers. In case you consider yourself as a  brave girl ask your stylist or hairdresser to make you some colored strands of bright colors – red, purple, blue – why not?

For owners of long hair there are even more options! 

long hair

This season for the owners of a long hair you can see styles with variety of braids, “tails”.  Straight long hair is still very popular. Many fashionistas prefer straight hair for day looks, parties or even as wedding hairstyle.

As for the events and parties, “must have” hair styles for such occasions are based on curly hair.  They are glamming up your look for an evening out.  Curls look great regardless of the length of your hair. It doesn’t matter which length has your hair: short, medium or long. Your look will be fantastic!  It is easy to create such look on your own. All you need is curling iron and professional hair product such as styling foam and hair spray.

All of these trends are relevant for wedding hairstyles. Sometimes it happens that one hairstyle combines several techniques.

Hope our hair trend guide and hair ideas will help to look like a star not only on special occasions but every day!