Got dandruff again? Experts advising....

Dandruff ­ small whitish­yellow flakes, whose appearance on the scalp accompanied by

itching and the deterioration of the appearance and condition of the hair (dry, brittle or

increased greasiness).

A large number of dandruff can affect normal operation of the hair  follicles and lead to

hair loss.

The main reason for this problem ­ excessive activation of a fungus called Malassezia

Furfur, which normally lives quietly on the scalp. The microorganism violates the normal

cycle of the epidermal cells, which are beginning to peel prematurely. M. Furfur activity

can be observed in a certain part of the head or have a total character.

Excessive growth of the fungus, even after previously successful treatment, can be provoked by:

  • stress;
  • changes in hormonal background;
  • wrong selection of tools for hair care;
  • over reliance on cosmetic procedures (mainly dyeing and perm) and styling tools;
  • the rejection of a hat in the cold or wearing it long in the heat;
  • malfunctions of the immune system;

In this case, the diagnosis is often not a problem, but the treatment of dandruff can be a

complicated process. In the absence of any abnormalities that could cause the

revitalization of the fungus, the patient is advised to change the means of hair care and

correct lifestyle.

Fried, spicy and oily food is excluded from the diet, instead of which it’s necessary to

include foods high in fiber and vitamins (focus ­ group B). When violations of the water

balance it is recommended to pay special attention to the mineral water, herbal teas. The

entire treatment period is followed by the rejection of drying with a hair dryer, and invasive

procedures in the barbershop. It is recommended to change the plastic comb on products

from a natural wood, because the material absorbs a breeding ground for fungus ­


The problem of dandruff can also be solved with the help of special therapeutic agents ­

lotions and shampoos with antifungal ingredients. Good results were also obtained by

using complex treatment programs, which allow not only to deal with specific

microorganisms, but also strengthen the hair as a whole. At constant dandruff at a

particular time of the year recommends regular treatments.

In some cases, this problem can be solved with the help of the professional hair care

products. It is advisable to wash your hair every day, and before hygienic procedure

gently brush the hair. Itching the scalp, and moreover scratching can increase the

amount of dandruff. When using professional hair products, such as shampoos should

strictly follow the instructions. For additional support to dry hair and scalp can rub olive oil

into the roots.