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Dandruff in Experts advising

Got dandruff again? Experts advising.... Dandruff ­ small whitish­yellow flakes, whose appearance on the scalp accompanied by itching and the deterioration of the appearance and condition of the hair (dry, brittle or increased greasiness).
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How to choose proper hairstyle based on your type of face?

Each of us has unique face. If you want to look great you should find the hairstyle suitable for your face type and shape of the head. Ideally your hairstyle must emphasize the dignity of the face shape.
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Trendy Autumn/Winter Hair Colours in 2015/2016

The most popular ways of hair coloring in the autumn-winter 2015-2016 are: Obmbre,Shatush, Balayage In the fashion industry and cosmetology in the autumn-winter 2015-2016 everything the most natural is preferred.
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Hair styling trends 2015

Hair care and and hair styling on 2015 what we should care Are you tired of the monotonous styling? Do you want to diversify your daily image or shine like a star at your next party? Be inspired by the latest hairstyle trends and try one!
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