Who doesn‘t want to look really good every day?

I do – everybody would say.

But there are so many things to make your appearance look good:

clothing, make up, hair style, mood and so on.

Now get ready for a great secret – the most important thing for good look is not clothing, it is hair.

Scientists has done studies and tried to find out what is the most attractive to the human eye. Interesting thing – what it comes down to is the rule of animal attraction. Animals are drawn to brilliant, colored feathers or fur. Humans are kind of the same way – we like to see shiny hair and bouncy too.

Shine is something, what makes a man or women look fancy, healthy and beautiful. Researchers were tracking human eyes and find out shining is the thing which the eye catches first. So, if your hair is dull and lackluster, it doesn‘t look very attractive and inviting. But – if it shines, the world is yours, hair stylists say.

Hair Washing


Probably, you heard you grandma telling – when I was young, I didn‘t wash my hair so often and I wasn‘t using so many products and had the most healthy hair in all the village. Well, some truth we found in this statement. But only then, if you live in really clean environment. People think that not washing their hair very often is good. It is believed that frequent hair washing damages the hair. But in a city or when you style your hair a lot, you definitely need to keep it clean.


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If you choose the right professional hair products, frequent hair washing is better for your hair, scalp and, of course, it gives this desired shiny look. Clean hair, is healthy hair and there is no need to afraid of frequent washing and using shampoos or other products.

Hair Heat tools


In such a busy life there is no time to wait until hair will dry by themselves. Besides, using heat tools helps to make hair style and shape.
Professionals say – make sure your tools are state of the art and are operating in a manner that offers you quicker drying time. Look for ceramic, ionic or infrared tools, which shorten the time of hair drying. Long heating dries the hair and they loses the healthy appearance. It really pays to get good tools even if they are more expensive.
Buy a good brush for drying – use mixed-bristle paddle brush, because with round you can burn your hair. While using round brush you concentrate the dryer‘s nozzle in one area.

Over styling hair


More hair products doesn‘t mean bigger hair care. Usually people are using a little bit of this, a little bit of that and over going it. It is better if you can achieve more results with less product. Remember – it must be professional hair products, but it is not necessary to use a lot. The quality is the most important thing. Having the right professional hair products helps achieve healthy looking hair.

Conditioner is especially crucial because it supports the structure of the hair. If you have fine hair, you need to condition, otherwise your hair will break and your style will collapse. Medium-thick hair needs heavier conditioner.
Why it so important to have healthy hair? Because – no healthy looking, no style. If the hair is healthy, not exhausted, it’s going to perform better — give you shine, bounce, and touch ability. All these elements are going to form an ideal foundation, which is key for long-lasting style. It’s also the key to look like celebrity in your daily life.