Now a days it is popular to cut hair short - various stylists, hairdressers’ suggest to be practical and stylish and have short hair.

But there is situation – you have cut your hair, they are short and you realize, that longer hair would be more beautiful.

What to do, to make hair grow faster?

Hair regrowth is not as fast as we would like.  If you dream about really beautiful, longer hair, you gonna work and be very attentive – what Professional hair care products you are using, what food you are having and what style of life you are living.





Haircare Daily routine

Professional hair care products you are using - shampoos, balsams and nourishing masks -must match your hair type.

So you have figure out, what type do you have - dry, curly, dyed?

We recommend to purchase special ampoules, which accelerates the growth of hair. Hair becomes stronger and those ampoules brings the faster growth.

Pay attention what amount of hair shaping tools - hair gel, foam, rubber, varnish – you are using. These products have to protect, nourish the hair, rather than remove them and dried.

So once again - pay attention to the notes on the label.

Learn, how to use less hair dryer, tongs, curlers. Even with the correct use of these measures, it is still bad for the hair structure. If you do not have time to wait for your hair to dry naturally - dry cold air. Massage the scalp – this stimulate blood circulation, which is good for hair follicles. You can use a hair brush. It is important to buy a brush with soft bristles. Massage with hair brush promotes rapid hair growth. Also regularly visit the hairdresser to trim the hair ends.

Hair Nutrition

To encourage the growth of healthy hair, it is necessary to include those foods that are rich with B group vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc. It is recommended to put to the diet at least a few of these products.

Salmon - one of the omega-3 fatty acid sources which moisture the hair. Salmon is the best food from natural things, with this you aslo get vitamin D, which is good for hair growth too.

One more really good product to your hair is spinach - leafy vegetables that are rich in nutrients. They have vitamins B, C and E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron. These are very useful not only for skin and hair beauty, but also the eyes. Raisins are rich in iron necessary for our hair. Iron plays an important role in the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is responsible for the distribution of oxygen to the body organs and tissues. When the hemoglobin level is good, oxygen is distributed properly. This means that your scalp has sufficient blood, which stimulates and promotes hair growth. Therefore, we need to eat more iron-containing products.

Even a full-fledged diet might not provide both the necessary materials as needed for your hair, so use some mask. Choose from professional hair care products and sometimes try something natural.

One of really good and natural masks is grape seed oil - hair likes it especially. Two or three times a week before bedtime rinse some oil into root of the hair and the hair will grow much faster. The water in which potatoes were boiled, is a very good thing for hair growth too. Rinse your hair with potatoes water, and then wash with shampoo.

The main rule you have to remember is:

combine professional hair care products with vitamins, good food and natural home treatment.

You will see the result very fast.