Did you notice that winter is a lazy time – it‘s like sleeping season, when everyone wants  to spend that time peacefully and meet spring full of energy.

But beauty specialists say – winter is not the time for laziness.

It is time when you have to work for your beauty very hard.

Just like our skin needs an extra dose of moisture and protection on those cold winter days, hair needs to keep hydrated during the winter and early spring months. Only if you will work hard, you will meet spring and summer season glowing. Of course, if beauty procedures we can call „hard work“– it is more pleasure than work.

Let‘s follow some hair care tips and rules, how to treat your hair during cold season.

Hair care tip number one is very simple and you even don‘t need any professional hair products.

The code word is oil. Coating your hair with a healthy oil (olive oil from your kitchen will fit perfect) prior to shampooing will protect your hair from drying out and serve as another conditioning treatment. To reach even better result don‘t forget to heat oil a bit. Warm oil works better and „feeds“ hair more effectively.

Argan oil conditioner

If you care about your hair, you use conditioner for sure. You choose professional hair products too. Trick is simple – use conditioner before shampooing and after washing your hair.


You are lucky if you have long hair. To keep them healthy, in cold season choose to be more simple. It‘s beautiful to wear hair out and free. But in winter, in rainy seasons your default should be a protective style until warm weather returns. Braids, twists, top knots, and bantu knots will keep your ends hidden away from cold winds and lessen the amount of styling you have to do on a daily basis.

Hair is moistured in shower, braids are made, what you will have for breakfast? Yes, you read correct. Hair and food – how it goes together?

Old rule - you are what you eat and that goes for your hair too. Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals is a sure way to keep your hair follicles happy and hair growth consistent. And since we are all about hydration, don’t forget to get your eight glasses a day. Of course, professional hair products – vitamins, nutrinions, which contains vitamins B6, B12, zinc and selenium – are number one on your table.

If you have few free minutes at work or watching TV at home, remember, that you have something magic to your hair. Fingers. Use your hands for scalp massage. It helps to have healthy hair for sure, because improves the blood circulation in head. When blood circulation is good, hair grow faster and are much more healthy.

Make sure to coat your hair with a sealing product to lock in the moisture. The sealant creates a barrier between your hair and the elements, like a sweater for your strands. Since shea butter and coconut oil, two popular sealants, are solid in cold temps, try an oil that is liquid at room temp like olive oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil.

You will meet the spring with healthy hair if you will see your hair stylist more often. Trimming is nothing to be afraid of and should be done periodically throughout the year, but a pre-cold-weather trim gets you off on the right foot. Trims aid in less knotting, easy detangling, and better styling results, so it will make your hard winters work that much easier.