Wondering why hair gets oily so quickly?

You have washed your hair just this morning and in the end of the day it looks like you did not take a shower for a week.

Know this feeling? When this happens, there is no question about hair style, good looks and healthy hair appearance.

Well, the reason may be more than one. But – if there is a reason, there is a solution too.
If you want to have a hairstyle which looks like on the magazine cover, you wash your hair very often. It is exhausting. It is like circle without exit – you want to look good, you wash your hair often. But from this frequent washing hair roots gets greasy very fast.

To wash hair not so often is not a solution.

The best advice is to choose professional hair products.REVISILK MACHERA WITH MILK PROTEINS

Only those products, which are made with quality, with really good ingredients. High quality products won‘t damage your hair and will stop from getting oily too fast.

Second reason, why your hair gets oily too fast is, that maybe you touch it too much.

Sometimes you even do not feel that you are turning hairs between your fingers. Also you do not feel when you fixing your hairstyle constantly. No matter how nice the curls are, but constant touch accelerates fat excretion, so at the end of the day, even if the hair are washed in the morning, you can look disorderly. There will help only one rule – stop touching your hair.

How often you wash your hair? Everyday? It might be too often, especially if you do not use professional hair care products.

The hair, which are washed too often, can dry out, but the problem lies and the scalp. If the scalp gets very dry, hair starts getting oily too fast. It is natural.

What can you do? Do not overdo it and wash your head just 3 times per week and use only professional hair care products.

Conditioner, which is recommended to use, can be trap. Putting too much balsam on your hair will make them too oily for sure.

Another mistake: if you do not wash out conditioner properly, the hair will stick together.

Tip – do not put conditioner on hair roots, better concentrate on tips.

Have you ever thought, that combing hair too often is not so good? We all know, that hair comb is good for blood circulation, which helps to have healthy hair. The point is that when you comb your hair very often, you stimulate the release of fat, so hair looks greasy and heavy.

Really important thing is to keep hair brush very clean. Hair brush full of hair is not only non-esthetic, but also unhygienic. It is worth knowing that if you do not clean your regular comb or brush as well, the oil from there will go to your hair. It doesn‘t matter if you use professional hair care products – if you brush your hair too often and if your hair brush is not clean, nothing will help.

Hair also can suffer from a variety of forming tools, which clogs the pores of the scalp. Therefore, the owners of greasy hair should shampoo it at least 2 times to remove hair from all the dead cells and cosmetics residues.