The most important hair care mistakes you do

there are so many professional hair care products that we can offer .

So if you are not satisfied with your hair look it is time to check may be you do some of the following:

•    Not visiting your hairdresser regularly. 


You may try to style your hair but if you have untidy and damaged ends it will be waste of time. It will be impossible to give it a proper shape.  If your hair is colored it very easy to damage ends. That's why you need to refresh them in order to have healthy hair look. We recommend you regular visits every 4 weeks. If you want help your hair between visits to hairdresser we recommend you to use . It is professional hair product that ensures sealing split ends, ads shine. It is easy to use. After washing your hair, apply the product to your hands and spread with massage movements along the entire length of the hair.

•    Not using deep restoration products once a week.

Nowadays there are a lot of different external factors that affect your hair health, damages it.  Often using of only shampoo and conditioner is not enough to keep it shining. To support it you can use nutritional and moisturized masks. For example REVISILK MACHERA with milk proteins. This product was specially designed for porous, damaged, dry hair. It provides moisturizing and nourishing.

•    Coloring your hair more often than once every 2 weeks.

Every coloring is a stress for your hair. When you do such procedure too frequently there is a risk to damage hair or provokes a loss.  We recommend a period between procedures of at least 4 weeks.  It worth to use color protection products. You can try REVISOFT dopocolore shampoo that additionally hydrates hair. It contains anti-oxidizers, Vitamin E, milk and wheat proteins. On the next day after the coloring, use VIP mask with macadamia oil. It has light texture and not weighs down your hair.

•    Turning from brunette into blonde in one procedure.

It is real stress for your hair. It will require restoration and intensive care. The basic scheme you know – shampoo, mask, special products for ends. For example try the perfect pair VIP SHAMPOO and VIP MASK with plant placenta. This mask has very tender and light texture. Moreover it provides nourishing; add gloss to your hair.

•     Active usage of curling iron, dryer or hair strengtheners.

If you want to protect your hair use special protection products. For additional protection during drying use leave on VIP OIL SERUM. It contains Argan oil and will moisturize, nourish your hair. Apply on dump hair before drying.

Following these recommendations will keep your hair healthy, glossy and eye catching!

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