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Strong and thick hair – mission possible

There is no secret that the beautiful, dense and long hair is the most desirable women's accessory. It is more beautiful than diamonds, the white gold chains, spectacular rings or clothes. Woman with sleek hair is a beauty. Unfortunately, in most cases you have to put a lot of effort to have it beautiful and health
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7 reasons why your hair gets oily faster

Wondering why hair gets oily so quickly? You have washed your hair just this morning and in the end of the day it looks like you did not take a shower for a week.
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How to make hair grow faster

Now a days it is popular to cut hair short - various stylists, hairdressers’ suggest to be practical and stylish and have short hair. But there is situation – you have cut your hair, they are short and you realize, that longer hair would be more beautiful.
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Looking like a star

Who doesn‘t want to look really good every day? I do – everybody would say. But there are so many things to make your appearance look good: clothing, make up, hair style, mood and so on.
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Hair loss: why and how to stop it?

Usually hair loss is men‘s problem – mostly because of baldness. But hair loss or thinning hair are also common in women. Probably every women at least once in her life had a horrible feeling, that there is no way to control the hair loss.
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How to keep healthy hair in cold weather

When it is cold, we always take care of our body – boots for our foot, coat for our shoulders, scarf for neck. What about head? Oh yes, sometimes, when it is really cold, we choose to wear hat, but usually we afraid to make a mess on our hair style. This is the biggest mistake we make – have you noticed, how your hair changes in ??
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Get ready for spring – hair care beauty tips

Did you notice that winter is a lazy time – it‘s like sleeping season, when everyone wants to spend that time peacefully and meet spring full of energy. But beauty specialists say – winter is not the time for laziness. It is time when you have to work for your beauty very hard.
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Dandruff in Experts advising

Got dandruff again? Experts advising.... Dandruff ­ small whitish­yellow flakes, whose appearance on the scalp accompanied by itching and the deterioration of the appearance and condition of the hair (dry, brittle or increased greasiness).
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How to choose proper hairstyle based on your type of face?

Each of us has unique face. If you want to look great you should find the hairstyle suitable for your face type and shape of the head. Ideally your hairstyle must emphasize the dignity of the face shape.
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Trendy Autumn/Winter Hair Colours in 2015/2016

The most popular ways of hair coloring in the autumn-winter 2015-2016 are: Obmbre,Shatush, Balayage In the fashion industry and cosmetology in the autumn-winter 2015-2016 everything the most natural is preferred.
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